Epicenter of Ravel Inspiration

Back in November, we began the search for a new atelier, a shared studio space filled with other Berlin creatives, a place to establish a vibrant "home" for Ravel. In the daily commute by bike to our old workshop, there was fashion collective we often revelled at - with it's vibrant shopfront and constant flow of laughter that always seemed to flow in and out. Thus, it was fate that one day Obst und Gemüse ("Fruits and Vegetables") displayed a sign advertising a free workspace. We jumped at the opportunity.

Obst und Gemüse, named for the produce shop that used to inhabit the space, is a design shop that unifies each pattern and careful stitch of the six labels whose concepts and aesthetics enticingly collide. The space is open and bright, architecturally urban and clean, a unification of sculptural textures and colors. A place where designers from three diverse continents collaborate and collide in the adjacent workspace. Visitors can watch their pieces come to fruition. Atelier meets neighborhood gathering point. DJs and live music echos from the basement for public shows on special weekends. Pop-up dinners, creative workshops, art openings, and casual late night gatherings of Glühwein or Berliner Kindl vibrate the walls and vivify the neighborhood. An escape from 21st century fast fashion, and immersion into a world where each piece is consciously constructed by hand with sustainable or earth conscious materials. 

Constantly evolving and expanding after six years of communal creations, Obst und Gemüse is quintessentially "neu" Berlin, with all its edginess and elegance. A blend of contemporary fashions from international artists and a cooperative space that celebrates the age-old tradition of hand constructed design.