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Reflections from Jamie's summer trip to our homeland:

Petaluma, California - Long time makers and creatives have shaped the quaint streets of this town from the time we were young. And walking its paths was reminiscent of the teachers who first reassured us that the art we made was important - the shopkeepers who hosted our first exhibitions. The long time family friends who I ran into at the downtown farmers market were the ones who believed in us before we even created our first garment. The ladies who we grew up getting into trouble with are the ones we can still call at any time of night (and the nine hour time difference is helpful in that they'll conveniently be awake).

The rolling hillsides of Petaluma, decorated with barnyards and chickens, host a whole wheel of colors that reappear in the inks we mix and the linens we print on - golden yellows, silvery greens, poppy oranges. And drives out to the foggy coastline have clearly inspired our use of sandy creams and bold azures. 

How humbling it is to remember how far we have come in a years time since we first embarked together from the the Pacific West Coast to the heart of Europe. To be learning a new language and connecting with the creative community in Berlin has taught us more than we ever could have expected. And how refreshing to reflect back on our last year in Berlin with loved ones back home who believed in us before we even created our first garment. Our history with them is what strengthens our relationship to one another - and supports us in a continent a world away.

Back in Berlin, reunited with the entirety of Ravel (Lizzy!) and our cooperative studio family, we couldn't be more grateful for what we have built here and what Berlin has provided for us - a creative culture that feels impossible in any other city. All the while, holding onto our roots across the distant lands that make us who we are.



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