We love collaboration - to create unique pieces that fit seamlessly into your aesthetic. Collaboration allows us to explore other textile possibilities and has been a major part of our growth. 


Linen Curtains

Liz (not to be confused with RAVEL's Lizzy) moved to Berlin around the same time as we made our migration (in the summer of 2016). In cozying into her new home, she wanted to treat herself to custom handprinted curtains. She had seen our Eye print and together we collaborated on the colors which would best compliment her home.


Gingko Tableware

Claire noticed our RAVEL Ginkgo print we had gifted to a family member. Her two grown children heard word of her enthusiasm for the design, and contacted us to order placemats and a table runner as a Mother's Day gift. We worked with the color scheme already incorporated in her dining room so that they can be used as everyday decor as she and her family gather for meals.


Interested in creating your own custom RAVEL piece?


Decorative Pillows

Daniel and Kelsi recently moved into a home together and wanted to create a cozy sofa room filled with the boundless comfortable pillows. They described which symbols they wanted to decorate the space and which natural tones they were drawn to - we carved custom woodcuts to meet their desires and together we were able to create pieces that could orniment their dream environment.